Relocation of Abu Simbel

 Relocation of Abu Simbel and Aswan High Dam

            My presentation is on the Aswan High Dam and the relocation of Abu-Simbel. The Aswan High Dam is located in Aswan, Egypt, 4 miles south of the old Aswan Dam. The dam is 3600 metres long and 111 metres high. It has 12 turbines, which generate over 10 billion kilowatts of electricity every year.

            Construction on the Aswan High Dam started in 1960 and was completed after eleven years in 1971. Thirty thousand Egyptian people were involved in building the dam, working day and night to complete it.

Relocation of Abu Simbel

Relocation of Abu Simbel

Relocation of Abu Simbel

Relocation of Abu Simbel

Relocation of Abu Simbel

            The dam’s purpose is to control floods, provide hydroelectric power and irrigation. It captures the Nile River in the world’s third largest reservoir and the world’s largest artificial lake, Lake Nasser.

            With the creation of the dam and its reservoir, some negative side effects occurred. In order to build the dam, 90,000 Egyptian peasants had to move. To make matters worse, the rich silt that normally fertilized the dry desert land during annual floods is now stuck at the bottom of Lake Nasser. Farmers have been forced to use about one million tons of artificial fertilizer as a substitute for natural nutrients that once fertilized the arid floodplain.

            However, the farmers were not the only ones who were displaced.  Several monuments of Nubia were under threat from the rising waters of the Nile River, caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam and its reservoir. One of these monuments was the Abu Simbel temples.

            Abu Simbel is comprised of two massive rock temples. The larger one is dedicated to Ra-Harakhty, Ptah and Amun, Egypt's three state deities of the time, and features four large statues of Ramesses II in the facade. The smaller temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, personified by Nefertari, Ramesses's most beloved wife.

The twin temples were originally carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II in the 13th century BC, as a lasting monument to himself and his queen Nefertari, to commemorate his alleged victory at the Battle of Kadesh, and to intimidate his Nubian neighbors. Construction of the temple complex started in approximately 1244 BC and lasted until 1224 BC. Known as the "Temple of Ramses, beloved by Amun", it was one of six rock temples erected in Nubia during the long reign of Ramses II.

The salvage of the Abu Simbel temples began in 1964, and cost some $40 million American dollars. Because they were hewn out of single pieces of stone, the temples had to be sawed into more than 3,000 10-40 ton blocks. Between 1964 and 1968, the entire site was cut, dismantled and reassembled in a new location – 65 m higher and 200 m back from the river on an artifical hill made from a domed structure, in what many consider one of the greatest feats of archaeological engineering.

A Brief Look At Sinai

Having taken my family to Egypt, my 13 year old was not always ready to make the morning bell for early tours. At one point, he informed me that he would just look at the pictures. In fact, there are probably a number of people who feel this way about visiting the ancient monuments of Egypt. Certainly one may not really appreciate the scale of the Great Pyramid from a picture, but perhaps that is enough for some.

Yet, if there is a place in Egypt that can never even remotely be appreciated in this manner, it is the mountains of the Sinai. Their majestic domination is truly inspiring. But the hard part, when it comes to pictures, is the color streaming through these bare rock ranges. For some novice travelers, these mountains will come as a surprise. Those who think of pine trees and mountain storms will find a landscape so odd that they may find themselves thinking of an alien planet. Granite peaks jut upwards, often with ridges of multicolored minerals crisscrossing their faces.

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai
 A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

A Brief Look At Sinai

I could not help but think of this as an unspoiled heaven for rock climbers. It seems a perfect itinerary for such adventurous souls. But I know that there are few who come for this reason. Most come as a supplement to a beach or diving holiday, or a short trip from a mainland classical tour. They seek nature treks, cultural exchanges with the Bedouins, or religious sight-seeing.

Indeed, what seems a barren landscape, upon closer examination, is not. There are the occasional trees, along with about 37 other endemic plants that grow at high altitudes. There are also a number of large, and small animals, which inhabit the area, including hyenas, foxes, gazelles and hyraxes. Riding along in an air-conditioned van, one is often startled to see a Bedouin woman walking along in what seems like an inhospitable wasteland. Here, one finds the last of the traditional desert wanderers, with their customs mostly in tact. Many treks into the Sinai are arranged including a lunch or dinner with a Bedouin family, which for many westerners end up being great fun, as well as educational.

Finally, there are the religious monuments, which include some of the most famous sites in the world. Mount Sinai is here, though there is still speculation about which mountain exactly is Mount Sinai. Mount Moses, with ancient St. Catherine's Monastery located at its foot, is traditionally considered to be the peak that Moses climbed.

In all, the Sinai is a fun place to visit in every respect. Party towns such as Sharm el-Sheikh provide endless opportunities for entertainment, while exotic beach front communities such as Nuweiba offer laid back beauty in a location that time seems to have forgotten, where camels swim in the sparkling clean waters of the Red Sea while children romp about their humps.


Alexandria LightHouse

 The LightHouse of Pharos (Alexandria )

It is considered to be one of the old seven wonders of the old world. It was built over the southern east part of the island (Pharos) from which it took its name. It was built by Ptolemy I and completed by Ptolemy II, in order to light the way for the ships in night. It was built by limestone, granite, sandstone, marble, and lead. It was built in a colonnaded court, and its total height was 135m.

 It consisted of 4 floors, the 1st floor was a platform square in shape, its height was 60m, its façade was inscribed with a Greek text, which says: "Sostratos of Cnidos son of Dexiphanos built it for the savior gods", there are 2 suggestions concerning the savior gods, the first: they were Castor and Pollux. The second: they were Ptolemy I and his wife Berenica I (who were deified after their death by their son Ptolemy II). Above the platform there were 4 figures of god (Tritons) which was connected to the sea.

Alexandria LightHouse

Alexandria LightHouse

Alexandria LightHouse

Around the platform was a court divided internally into 300 rooms, some of them were used by the guards, and others were used for storing the oils and fuel. At the bottom of the 1st floor there was a cistern for keeping fresh water. The 2nd floor: was octagonal in shape, and its height was 30m. Above it was the 3rd floor which was circular in shape and its height was 15m. Above it was the 4th floor, which consisted of 8 columns carrying a dome, their height was 23m., above the dome there was a statue for Poseidon with height of 7m. 
The 8 columns were made out of limestone, sandstone, granite, and alabaster. Behind these columns there is a lantern and a primitive lift for carrying the oils and fuel. Around the lantern there were mirrors in order to reflect the light to all directions. Some historians said that you can see wonders through these mirrors that you can't see by your eyes only. So, that would mean that they used these mirrors as lenses. All that proofs that the Pharos was one of the old seven wonders of the old world, not only because of its height, but also for its mirrors.
The Pharos was still in use till 7th century A.D., however, during the ancient times, an earthquake caused the damage of the 4th floor, and a second earthquake in the 6th century damaged it till the 2nd floor. When the Arabs came, it was restored during the Tulunide Period, and they used it as watching tower because of its height, and they built a mosque above it, however, during the 14th century, a final third earthquake destroyed the Pharos till the ground.  In 1480 A.D., Qait Bey built his castle above the remain stones of the Pharos, which can be noticed from the dark stones of the Pharos (which are the original ones) and the pale colored stones of the castle.

Introduction to Scuba Diving - Red Sea, Egypt

Think of scuba diving and images of James Bond wearing fins and sneaking up on the villain come to mind. Or, maybe your first thought is of Jacques Cousteau investigating the creatures of a coral reef. Both scenarios have entered popular culture for good reason - both reflect the adventure and wonder that characterize scuba diving.

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Diving Tips and Advice

Though many regard Jules Verne's description of underwater diving as pure science fiction, equipment-assisted diving had been around for more than 100 years earlier. But it wasn't until the WWII years when Emile Gagnan, with some help from a then-obscure French navel lieutenant - Jacques Cousteau - invented the first scuba gear, the Aqualung.

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) developed rapidly after the war and sport diving arose in tandem. Tanks, regulators and other gear formed the nucleus of an activity that is now practiced anywhere there are more than two feet of water. From the 1960s to the present, buoyancy compensators, wetsuits and drysuits, along with a host of supplemental gear was born or advanced.

But diving requires a lot more than just selecting good equipment. Basic physiology and physics, safety practices, venomous sea creatures are just a few of the essential topics of study. Anyone who 'just wants to get down there' won't be stopped by anyone... but the deep. The sea will claim them quickly enough.

Fortunately, if common sense informed by elementary science is followed, anyone can learn to dive safely. The wondrous enjoyment of diving the seas is then open to all.

Young children can be taught the basics, using SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth) and other kid-oriented gear. Teens to the mature can participate in diving and see all that the fascinating coral reefs and ocean depths have to show. Even elderly novices, with proper precautions, can safely enjoy shallow dives and see sights found nowhere else on Earth.

Certification isn't required, but is highly recommended. A good scuba diving class can teach anyone willing to learn in a few hours how to prepare gear, to breath properly, descend and ascend safely and avoid common dangers. You'll learn to clear your mask, use your regulator properly, life-saving tips and much more.

A 20-hour course from a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) or NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) recognized school can teach you skills useful your entire life. The cost is a few hundred dollars, but certification - once gained - is good for life.

As a bonus, you'll learn to select dive gear. A mask, regulator, buoyancy compensator (BC), dive watch or computer, air supply (snorkel or tank) and fins are essential. But you'll also learn to judge wetsuits and drysuits, knives or guns, and you can even pick up a lot of tips about underwater photography. Instructors are always experienced divers, not just chalkboard jockeys.

The instructors and students you meet will often have useful suggestions and fascinating stories to tell about the exciting places they've dived. Australia's Barrier Reef, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Caymans, Thailand and dozens more sites around the globe have all been explored. 


El Gouna Egypt

Wonderful Beaches and Luxurious Red Sea Resorts

Sheltered beneath rugged mountains, El Gouna is built on clusters of beautiful islands surrounded by breath-taking, turquoise lagoons. It spreads across better than 11 kilometers of some of the world's most pristine beaches and the Red Sea's crystal-clear waters . . . and it is now the most exclusive tourist destination in the area.

With its secluded beaches and exclusive hotels, El Gouna offers something for everyone, from those who are wild at heart to those simply seeking a quiet getaway for the holidays. You'll find exciting desert safaris, the world's best diving, continuous in-house entertainment for those traveling with families, and a great nightlife — all in one convenient location.

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna, Egypt

El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna started out as a mere dream, a romantic vision of friends and boats, all combined with a passion for the sea. But it has grown into a fully functional resort, complete with Egypt's most luxurious villas, internationally renowned hotels, a wide range of picturesque restaurants, and a modern, vibrant village.

El Gouna Egypt was to evolve even further — into a town with a life and soul of its own. Once simply a tourist attraction, El Gouna now attracts visitors from around world. Private business is booming, including boutiques and restaurants, as well as those investing in El Gouna's bustling and thriving industrial sector, which includes a brewery, winery, and water-bottling company. Hard as it is to believe these days, El Gouna's spectacular growth has been achieved while still paying great care given to its beauty and functionality, the top priorities.

While growing into a self-sufficient town/resort with a secure infrastructure and extensive support facilities throughout the community, El Gouna has taken great care with its surroundings. Due to its tireless efforts in this area, it was recently given an award for being the "most environmentally friendly resort in Egypt," owing to its endless efforts in this area.

Kafr El Gouna

The heartbeat of El Gouna Egypt is the Kafr. With its nearly endless activity throughout the day, combined with very few hours of sleep at night, it is literally and figuratively the town center. It is here that guests and residents come together.

The Kafr El Gouna town center area was built on an island, utilizing traditional Egyptian styles of endless alleys, inner courtyards, and rolling domes. The subtle tones of the Kafr's pastel-colored buildings create a glorious contrast to the bright turquoise waters of its surrounding lagoons.

The Kafr is everything one could hope for and expect in a lively downtown area. It boasts numerous practical services such as a school, post office, and travel agencies, along with colorful shops and art galleries and cafes. Plus, there is a wide selection of restaurants featuring everything from fine French and Italian dining to some of the finest local cuisine. You will also discover bars, discotheques, and a cinema, as well as much more.

"El Gouna Egypt has grown into a diverse community where the initial spontaneity and sense of adventure continue to live on." 

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The 10 Plagues of Egypt

The Plagues of Egypt also called the ten biblical plagues, were ten calamities that, according to the biblical Book of Exodus, Yahweh inflicted upon Egypt to persuade the Pharaoh to release the ill-treated Israelites from slavery. The Pharaoh capitulated after the tenth plague, triggering the Exodus of the Hebrew people.

The plagues served to contrast the power of the God of Israel with the Egyptian gods, invalidating them. Some commentators have associated several of the plagues with judgment on specific gods associated with the Nile, fertility and natural phenomena.

According to Exodus 12:12, all the gods of Egypt would be judged through the tenth and final plague: "On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the LORD."

The 10 Plagues of Egypt :-

1. Water into blood : Ex. 7:14–24
2. Frogs: Ex. 7:25–8:15
3. Lice : Ex. 8:16–19
 4. Mixture of Wild Animals or Flies: Ex. 8:20–32
5. Diseased livestock : Ex. 9:1–7
6. Boils : Ex. 9:8–12
7. Thunderstorm of hail : Ex. 9:13–35
8. Locusts : Ex. 10:1–20
9. Darkness for three days : Ex. 10:21–29
10. Death of firstborn : Ex. 11:1–12:36

The reason for the plagues appears to be twofold:to answer Pharaoh's taunt, "Who [is] the LORD, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go?", and to indelibly impress the Israelites with God's power as an object lesson for all time, which was also meant to become known "throughout the world".

According to the Book of Exodus, God hardened Pharaoh's heart so he would be strong enough to persist in his unwillingness to release the people, so that God could manifest his great power and cause his power to be declared among the nations,so that other people would discuss it for generations afterward.

 In this view, the plagues were punishment for the Egyptians' long abuse of the Israelites, as well as proof that the gods of Egypt were false and powerless.[9] If God triumphed over the gods of Egypt, a world power at that time, then the people of God would be strengthened in their faith, although they were a small people, and would not be tempted to follow the deities that God proved false.

 Exodus 9:15–16  portrays Yahweh explaining why he did not accomplish the freedom of the Israelites immediately: "I could have stretched forth My hand and stricken you [Pharaoh] and your people with pestilence, and you would have been effaced from the earth. Nevertheless I have spared you for this purpose: in order to show you My power and in order that My fame may resound throughout the world."

In the view of Islam :-

the plagues were almost identical. It is mentioned in the Quran, specifically in Surah Al-A'raf verse 133 "So We sent on them: the Tuwfan (a calamity causing wholesale death, a flood or a typhoon - Ali, Note 1090 to S. VII.133),the locusts, the Qummal, the frogs, and the blood (as a succession of) manifest signs, yet they remained arrogant, and they were of those people who were criminals". The Quran further relates that the plagues included a mighty blast, showers of stones and earthquakes .


Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Upscale beachfront hotel with restaurant, near Naama Bay Beach

 Free Internet in lobby and free parking

Main amenities

382 guestrooms On a private beach Marina Restaurant and bar/lounge4 outdoor poolsRooftop terraceBreakfast availableFree children's clubHealth clubSpa servicesAirport shuttle24-hour front desk

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

What’s around

    In Naama Bay
    Naama Bay Beach (0.7 mi / 1.1 km)
    Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh (1.1 mi / 1.8 km)
    Sharm El Sheikh Golf Resort (4.8 mi / 7.7 km)
    Shark's Bay Beach (5.1 mi / 8.2 km)
    Sharm Old Town (5.4 mi / 8.7 km)

In the hotel
Taking the kids?

    Children's club (free)
    In-room childcare (surcharge)
    Supervised childcare/activities

Food and drink

    Buffet breakfast daily (surcharge)
    Coffee shop/café
    Snack bar/deli
    Beach bar
    Poolside bar
    24-hour room service
    Barbeque grills

Novotel Sharm El Sheikh Hotel , Sharm el Sheikh

Things to do

    On private beach
    Number of outdoor pools - 4
    Outdoor seasonal pool
    Health club
    Tennis on site
    Spa services on site
    Spa treatment room(s)
    Marina on site
    Children's pool
    Spa tub
    Pool sun loungers
    Steam room
    Pool umbrellas
    Arcade/game room


    24-hour front desk
    Limo or Town Car service available
    Dry cleaning/laundry service
    Laundry facilities
    Hair salon
    Luggage storage


    Rooftop terrace


    Accessible path of travel
    In-room accessibility

In the room
Home comforts

    Climate control
    Air conditioning
    Coffee/tea maker
    Iron/ironing board (on request)

Sleep well

    Blackout drapes/curtains
    Soundproofed rooms

Things to enjoy

    In-room massage available

Freshen up

    Private bathroom
    Rainfall showerhead
    Shower only
    Free toiletries
    Hair dryer

Be entertained

    LCD TV
    Satellite TV channels

Stay connected

    Wired high-speed Internet access (surcharge)


    Daily housekeeping
    In-room safe (laptop compatible)
    Connecting/adjoining rooms available

Novotel Sharm El-Sheikh, Sharm el Sheikh’s small print


The property has connecting/adjoining rooms, which are subject to availability and can be requested by contacting the property using the number on the booking confirmation.

Only registered guests are allowed in the guestrooms.

This property does not have elevators.

For transfers, guests must contact the property before arrival at the number on the booking confirmation.

Reservations are required for massage services and spa treatments and can be made by contacting the property before arrival at the number on the booking confirmation.

Mandatory fees

The charges below are included in the total price displayed:

Resort fee

Optional extras

Late check-out can be arranged for an extra charge of EGP 300

Babysitting/childcare is available for an extra charge

Airport shuttle service is offered for an extra charge of EGP 30 per person (one way)

High-speed Internet access (wired) is available in guestrooms for EGP 71 per hour (rates may vary)

Holiday and Beaches in Turkey

Holiday in Turkey

You can take a holiday in Turkey and have memorable days in life with the sightseeing of some fantastic historical ruins and picturesque landscapes of eye catching natural beauty.

Turkey is renowned as a hot tourist destination of historic attractions. It has an incredibly diverse natural settings and landscapes consisting of sunny Mediterranean serene beaches, undulated hilly terrains, lusting green dense wooded lands and challenging mountainous terrain with many exquisite ski resorts.

Turkey’s massive terrains with pleasant or cool climate make the holiday in Turkey a real experience. The ancient religious places mixed with modern resorts offer great facilities for sightseeing and vacation tours. 

Turkey Beaches
Turkey Beaches

Turkey Beaches

There are many breathtaking beaches in Turkey. The beaches in turkey are serene, picturesque and have all facilities required for an entertaining vacation. Turkey Beaches offer best season during May to October months.

Turkish beaches have sands which have pebbles and waters are cooler. Patara Beach, the longest beach in the Mediterranean, Olu Deniz Beach, Gemile Bay Beach, Turtle [Iztuzu] Beach, Çalis Beach near Fethiye, Kaputas Beach near Kalkan & Kas, Ladies Beach and Kustur Beach in Kusadasi, Içmeler Beach in Marmaris Bay, Cleopatra's Beach in Alanya and Side Beaches are some of the attractive beaches with many facilities in Turkey.

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